Aziende e Social Media Marketing [parte prima]

Paola Frateschi

Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, web 2.0

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  1. Gabriella Sannino ha detto:

    Sounds like a wonderful conference… But you know me well enough to know that with the invasion of the Internet world by social media networks Twitter, Facebook, Quora Etc. you have to start thinking in the bigger scheme of your SMM strategies.

    In my professional opinion especially with Google real time search, it has given the small business a whole new dimension. Micro-blogging , video uploading , data collection of LinkedIn, and discussion forums and photo sharing sites, opinion sharing and information sharing has widened into extents that were inconceivable a few years ago. All of those signals should be tracked for your SMM.

    A small business owner cannot participate in all these networks. Therefore, it’s best to create accounts in networks that are suited for a certain niche market. Use search tools like Google Alert, for your interest, brand name, company keywords etc. and watch them see what’s being said out there. As a small business you can handle things in smaller doses. See where the buzz is and engage that arena.

    For organic SEO purposes, securing an identifying tag is important; with the number of people flocking to such sites, getting a unique identity is no easy job. If someone else gets the name with which you wanted to describe yourself, it may not be an easy situation. Whatever you do, don’t use numbers or gibberish. Unless, of course your company name is Level 343.

    In a social media network, small business owners have to learn how to track the trajectory of the product by monitoring the buzz. This is where taking the steps or getting the help from various social networking tools can help your overall SEO/SMM efforst. It’s a clear way to chart your success. For example if you are on Twitter then consider using tools like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buzzom to do some of the work for you. Then you can also track them for maximum effect and ultimately good strong data on what you should do next.

    Here is a consideration for you – with real time search, Google, and all these other tools, you can actually create a three-month social networking chart. You can follow the various tools and gauge how your campaigns are doing. If you are selling an eBook or a product in the social arenas then you need to be prepared to merge your organic SEO efforts along with your social networking efforts. Seeing these results charted out is the best to test, adjust and merge your organic SEO and social marketing efforts. I look forward to part II 😉

    • Paola Frateschi ha detto:

      Thanks a lot Gabriella for your interesting analysis and good advice, it’s always very important to have a global vision both for SEO and SMM, which are so fundamental for visibility and brand awareness. I hope to meet you very soon perhaps at the Workshop you are organizing here in Italy this summer. It will be another important event focused on the devolopment of the digital culture in our country. Waiting for you 😉

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