I vantaggi di internet per i non nativi digitali

Paola Frateschi

Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, web 2.0

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  1. Gabriella Sannino ha detto:

    Excellent post Paola, amazing how inspiration happens at the oddest moments. lol In regards to your list here in America #8 is not as complicated as it is there. As a matter of fact let me tell you of a story. I lived in an Italian neighborhood (North Beach) When I was in San Francisco, and had a few senior citizens that lived around me. They are the ones that taught me about this new “way” they were using the Internet. I have not seen it done here in the south (Mississippi ) It wasn’t until I offered one of them to buy their groceries next time I went to Safeway that I was informed no need she had someone delivering her morning purchases. I was blown away keep in mind this is at least 6 years ago…So senior citizens are buying their food from the local online Safeway (huge grocery store) and then get it delivered to them. I’m sure that will happen soon all around the world. I just wish people were more patient in order to teach the great uses of the Internet. The way People think about competition sharing & networking has to change in Italy. The people that can, need to DO & stop the bullshit that only “they” can use the Internet.

    After listening to the economic web yesterday (L’intervento di Edmund S. Phelps) in Italy it made me realize A good economy – even the not-so-good economy of the United States these days – is all about the creation & application of new ideas. People need to be stimulated by new developments, new problems, new challenges, to find personal growth in the process to make a difference. Italy needs to promote this to it’s youth and I can guarantee things will be much easier for everyone involved.

  1. 3 febbraio 2011

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gabriella Sannino , Enrico Bisetto, Enrico Bisetto, vincenzo carbone, paola and others. paola said: I vantaggi di internet per i “non” nativi digitali http://goo.gl/WXw14 […]

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